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Tell me more about Kleurvōrm
Kleurvōrm is a passion project by Belgian visual artist, Bram Vanhaeren on a mission to celebrate colours every day. Exploring new color harmonies & turn it into unique posters to light up your space.
What does it mean, Kleurvōrm
The word "kleurvorm" is dutch translation of "colour shape" — a follow up from Bram's earlier project "Kleurstaal", translation of "colour palette/language". 
Beside the unique prints, you can find the colour palette & colour ratio next to the Kleurvorm on our Instagram page . Don't hesitate to use any colour palette in your next project!
How can I get in touch?

Let's be friends via @BramVanhaeren on Instagram, LinkedIn, Béhance network or send an email via  

— Posters & Prints

What if the poster(s) are delivered damaged?

Unfortunately, that happens from time to time. No worries there, you will get new one(s)!

I would like to have a poster that I found on your instagram, but it is not here. Can I still get it?

Yes —Don't hesitate to send me a DM on Instagram or an email to

— Shipping

General information about how you pay and how you will receive your poster(s)

Is my credit/debit card number safe with you?

Actually, I will never be able to see your card number. The details are shared only in between mine and your bank.

How much time will take for my order to be delivered to me?

Anywhere between 5 and 21 days. It depends on the speed of delivery service in your country. Usually it is about two weeks.